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Stroke Awareness Month

By : on : May 8, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Stroke Awareness Month)

Stroke Awareness is one of the important topics of awareness for the month of May. So do you know the warning signs? Quick action is important to potentially lessen the damaging effects of a stroke.  To help us remember the symptoms of stroke, the American Stroke Association wants us to think FAST. F is for facial drooping or numbness. A is for arm weakness. S is for difficulties in your speech pattern or ability to speak. T is for time to call 911 and get help. There are also some additional symptoms of a stroke like sudden confusion, trouble seeing, difficulty walking, or a severe sudden headache.  When you call 911, be sure to tell them that you believe the patient is having a stroke. Every minute counts. 

A stroke is definitely a medical emergency where immediate treatment can reduce complications such as brain damage. There are 2 different types of strokes. The more common type of stroke happens when you have a blocked artery that causes restricted blood flow to the brain.  The other type of stroke is when a blood vessel in the brain leaks or ruptures.  There are many lifestyle risk factors that can lead to a stroke; such as being overweight and physically inactive, and heavy alcohol or drug use.  Medical risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, smoking, and family history.  

It’s important to know your risks. Talk to your doctor and see what lifestyle changes you could make to help prevent a stroke. Share the FAST information.  It could save a life. If you know someone that is recovering from a stroke, Affinity Home Care Agency can help. We have many skilled care therapists and caregivers that are specially trained to assist in stroke recovery. Contact us, www.affinityhomecareagency.com, info@affinityhomecareagency.com, or call us at 888-806-8773 to set up your assessment. Some or all of your treatment at home could be covered by insurance.



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