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October Employee of the Month: Karen Simonich

By : on : October 12, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on October Employee of the Month: Karen Simonich)

Employee: Karen Simonich

This month Affinity Home Care Agency is thrilled to introduce you to one of our amazing physical therapists, Karen Simonich. Karen has been with Affinity for about 6 years. She has loved the opportunity to help people in their homes to regain strength and mobility. Being welcomed into people’s homes, Karen realizes that she has the opportunity to build relationships deeper than if she worked in a clinic. Karen values the extended time she can share with each of her clients getting to know them and visit. Often, especially with the restrictions of covid-19 precautions, she finds that patients can feel isolated and lonely.  The time she takes getting to know each client on a personal level during the extended visits helps Karen address patients’ problems in regard to their specific environment. She helps them create solutions to live more safely and efficiently in their homes. Motivating clients to make changes to improve their home life safety is one of her biggest challenges. It’s difficult for some people to make big changes to their day to day lifestyle and Karen is very sensitive to that.

Ironically, Karen didn’t always want to be a physical therapist.  In high school she was interested in becoming an architect. She became interested in physical therapy when she had the opportunity to speak with a family friend who was a physical therapist. He actually allowed her to volunteer in his clinic. She realized she enjoyed the job and could make a difference in peoples’ lives. One of the best things Karen has enjoyed about working for Affinity and with our client base is that she is active in a profession she loves yet still has the flexibility to be active in her children’s lives. Karen loves that she is part of a reliable team that consists of nurses, other therapists, care aides and support staff, both in the office and in the field. She says, “teamwork makes everyone’s jobs easier.”

Family and relationships are important to Karen. That is one of the traits that is such a valuable benefit for Affinity Home Care Agency and their clients. Karen is married and has 4 children; 3 boys and a girl. Two of her older boys are out of college. One lives in Kalamazoo and the other lives in Virginia. Her third son attends the University of Indianapolis studying mechanical engineering and plays lacrosse. Her daughter is the youngest and is a freshman at Trine University studying physical therapy and playing soccer. Karen often cheers them on and even goes to their away games. Karen is an active person. She loves yoga, travel and just about anything that requires creativity. She knits, sews, paints and does paper crafts. It’s obvious she is very talented working with her hands and helping others.

What a gift Karen is to her patients and to Affinity.  We are so happy we have the opportunity to introduce Karen Simonich to you. Congratulations Karen on being named, Affinity Home Care Agency’s October Employee of the Month!


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