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Light Housekeeping

Physical Activity

  • Transfer of clients who can bear weight on legs, assistance with walking, outings.
  •  Physical/occupational therapy : CP’s can give clients reminders to complete exercises and stand by to assist with balance.

Lifting & Transferring

  • Transfer of clients who can bear weight on legs, assistance with walking, outings.
  •  Physical/occupational therapy : CP’s can give clients reminders to complete exercises and stand by to assist with balance.
  • Standby assist/light transfer
  • Partial assist/medium transfer
  • Full Assist/High Transfer

For non-weight bearing clients :

  • Bed rest care
  • Lift/transfer with Hoyer, side boards, sit to stand lift
  • Two-person transfer
  • For clients > 180 lbs with no upper body mobility or severe dementia: consider two-person lift.


  • Conversation, activities, attending functions, and supporting hobbies.

 Meals & Groceries

Meal preparation or cooking involving simple recipes, assistance with eating.

  • Clean-up, grocery shopping.
  • Chewing/swallowing impediment needs specific
    guidance on how to feed or prep.
  • Specialty diets require simple plans to follow.

Personal Care

Assistance with personal hygiene, changing briefs and pads, bathing/showering.

  • Grooming : oral care, using electric shavers, assistance with dressing, nail filing.
  • Emptying colostomy, draining catheter bags
  • Applying or changing condom catheters
  • Providing care for bedridden clients in bed or with assistive equipment.

Wound Care

Rinsing of minor cuts/scrapes with soap and water.

  • Changing band-aids for a minor cuts/scrapes.
  • Remove and change dry gauze over unopened skin.
  • Apply OTC barrier creams/lotions on closed skin following instructions
  • CPs can loosely secure a bandage that was already in place to prevent client injury or exposure to wound drainage.

Light Housekeeping

  • Light housekeeping. Including cleaning dishes, helping with laundry, tidying rooms, removing trash, cleaning counters.


Provide client transportation to doctor’s appointments, PT/OT/cardiac rehab, groceries, errands, social events, etc.

  • CPs can drive their own or client’s car. CP can transport weight bearing clients who need a wheelchair. CP can run errands on her own if client can be left unattended.
  • Ride-share or professional driving service can be used for transport.

Medication Reminders 

Medication (OTC and prescription) reminders:

  •  Care Pros can assist with self-administered medications using “guided hand” technique.
  •  All oral medications need to be prepped and placed in a mediset/bubble pack that is properly labeled with the date/time due for a care professional to help with hand-guided delivery.
  • Only single week medisets are allowed out for reminders at a given time. (For safety, back filling of medications in a single week are not allowed.)
  • CPs can “hand guide” oral liquid meds but client must be strong enough to push the plunger to dispense medication independently. All liquid medication needs to be pre-measured.
  • The following applies for PRN (as needed) medications: : If a client is alert and oriented with no memory care condition, CPs can provide normal assistance with self administration based on the client’s request to the Care Pro, which would be limited to opening the bottle and assisting with hand over-hand guidance. If a client has memory care/cognitive impairment listed as a condition on there profile, PRN medications can either not be given, or can be given with specific instructions from a medical provider or the AO in each case. After instructions obtained by AO or medical professional, CP can assist with opening the bottle and with hand-over-hand guidance for self administration of medication by client.
  • Medication patches: CP can assist client with opening of packages and applying patches through guided hand technique. CP needs to remind client to remove old patch before the new one is applied. Patches need to be date and time stamps. CPs are required to wear gloves when touching medicated patches. If AO leaves pre-filled liquid meds or pre mixes meds in food, Care Pro can assist client with self-administration.
  •  Medicinal Marijuana : Same as other medications where legal.
  • Oxygen : . May remove and replace oxygen nasal cannula or mask from the clients face for personal care. May provide oral suctioning only for mouth care.
  • C-pap or breathing machines/nebulizer : can turn on/off. Client must be able to fill medications into nebulizer independently/using guided hand technique.
  • Vital measurement : assist client with self measurement of vitals on electronic machines and record results.

Facility Care

Assisted/Independent Living : ADL/personal care support.

  •  Hospital/Skilled Nursing Facility : Generally sitting services only. Personal care support is based on medical facilities policies.


  • Mild, Moderate or Severe Cognitive Impairment.

Unsafe Environments

  • Safety is a priority. Reassessment may be needed to ensure safe working space.

Pet Care

CP can assist with picking up pet feces and feeding pets no more than twice a day.

  • CP can assist with walking pets with client.
  • Pet care must be incidental and cannot be primary purpose of services.