Home Care in Michigan

What is home health care?

Home Care is initiated when a person requires ongoing medical treatment but prefers to have these services in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Medicare Certified Agencies can provide a wide range of services:

  • Registered Nurses

  • Visiting Doctors

  • Physical therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Speech Therapists

  • Home Health Aides

  • Medical Social Workers

Home Health Care services are needed during times of recuperation and recovery. Home care services are provide limited, part-time, or intermittent skilled care to those who are primarily at home due to a medical condition.

Why Home Health Care?

We at Affinity are always educating our staff the importance of home care. You’re loved one deserves the right care in the comfort of their home. Medicare covers 100% of all skilled home health care visits. This services can be provided at home or senior center facility. Home health care is a very cost-effective option for receiving health care services. Returning to one’s home and family can quicken improve the quality of life, for both patients and families or caregivers.

Setup Home Care before you leave the hospital

By law you have the right to choose which home care agency you want to come into your home. The hospital should give you options of other home care companies other than their own.  Contact us right away to coordinate the your care with your social worker or discharge planner . We are able to setup home care services before your arrive home.

What is home bound?

A person who is home bound may leave the home for medical and some non-medical reasons. Home bound does not mean the person must be confined to a bed or wheelchair, or even to his house, but rather, that the person requires assistance (human and/or a device) to leave his home, or leaving takes a considerable and taxing effort.

You must be home bound. This means that:

  • Leaving home is a major effort.
  • You are normally unable to leave home unassisted.
  • When you leave home, it must be to get medical care, or for short, infrequent non-medical reasons such as a trip to get a haircut, or to attend religious services or adult day care.


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