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October Flower Of The Month!

By : on : October 14, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on October Flower Of The Month!)

Once a month we choose one of our valued clients to celebrate with “Flowers of the Month”. We bring a bouquet of flowers to show our appreciation to the special client.  We’re a family so, getting to know one another is important to us. With that being said, let us get to know October’s Flower of the Month.

Meet Barbara Daviskiba!

Barbara was born in Pontiac, Michigan and has always lived in Michigan. She loves Michigan very much and has never wanted to live anywhere else! Barbara is married and a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Kelsey and Sydney. In her professional life, Barbara was a Preschool Teacher for five years prior to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000. She was only 35. After 19 years of living with her diagnosis, she still stays positive!

Barb enjoys being outside on her back deck enjoying the wildlife and looking at her beautiful yard. She goes outside anytime she can and she loves to vacation with her husband and daughters! “Going to the daddy-daughter dance my senior year of high school” is one of her very fond memories. She says, “it was such a nice time with my father I will never forget.” 

Affinity has been caring for Barbara for about a year and a half. Her Affinity Caregiver, Tori, helps her with morning routines, getting her ready for the day and even making her lunch. Barbara loves using Affinity because, “they are reliable, skilled, and they care”.



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