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Occupational Therapy Month!

By : on : April 27, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Occupational Therapy Month!)

April is Occupational Therapy Awareness Month. Affinity Home Care Agency has amazing occupational therapists that help our clients in their homes every day, even during this pandemic. The Affinity OTs help our clients safely in their homes, in a time when going out for therapies and treatments are either not available, or not safe. We follow the CDC screening guidelines prior to every appointment.  All occupational therapists monitor their temperature prior to each appointment, wear masks, gloves, and use hand sanitizer, in addition to proper handwashing procedures.  If distancing can be appropriate during the therapy sessions they will adhere to those guidelines as well. Safety and well-being is our top priority.

Many of us are familiar with the term occupational therapy, but could you, or a family member benefit from OT? The majority of patients that require occupational therapy are people recovering from joint replacement surgeries or bone fractures, possibly from a fall or injury. These patients are typically referred to occupational therapy from a hospital or rehabilitation center. Occupational therapy is a service that is covered by insurance when a doctor writes a prescription. These are not the only situations where occupational therapy can be a huge help for our clients. 

Affinity Home Care Agency focuses on helping every client live more fully at home. Occupational therapy starts with creating personalized goals for each client focusing on their activities of daily living, or ADLs. The range of benefits from OT focuses on, but is not limited to, these ADLs like showering, making a meal, walking stairs, getting in and out of bed or the bathroom safely, and the ability to live independently. We work with people that deal with many common ailments like circulatory issues, cardiac patients, people dealing with chronic pain, COPD, congestive heart failure, and even a cancer diagnosis. Affinity’s occupational therapists can help improve strength, pain relief, range of motion, balance, and endurance to improve your lifestyle.

If you feel that something in your life has changed and you may benefit from in-home occupational therapy, call your doctor. Have a conversation about your concerns and what has changed in your life. Ask if occupational therapy would be a beneficial service for you in your home. Since it is a coverable service by insurance, you will need to request a prescription for occupational therapy services from your doctor. Then, contact Affinity Home Care Agency for your virtual assessment to begin your in-home occupational therapy. We are eager to help you improve your lifestyle! Contact us at 888-806-8773 or online at affinityhomecareagency.com. Welcome to the family!

Occupation Therapist Interview with OT, Deb Deren, hosted by Chris Zayid



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