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Message From the Office: November 2020 New

By : on : April 25, 2023 comments : (Comments Off on Message From the Office: November 2020 New)

Message From the Office

Well, it’s November and typically at this time of year we begin to settle into routines of holiday preparations, decorations, gatherings and reflections on the past year. Well, that might be pretty tough for some this year. However, if we can find ways to be grateful for little things, we can bolster the resolve to find more joy. Maybe we can look for ways to help others, even in small ways, and connect with family and friends either virtually or from a safe distance protecting each other. 

We start November with Veterans Day. What a special day for anyone that has served our country and the families that support our servicemen and women. It’s a great day (week) to celebrate their dedication to protecting our freedoms and their sacrifices. I always love to see the community come together with free meals, discounts and special tributes to veterans. Even covid-19 couldn’t dampen the gratitude we have for veterans. Thank you to all our veterans!!

November ends with Thanksgiving and is the kick off to the holiday season! This is a special day where American families of all races and religions come together to count their many blessings and share good company. Families have many different traditions they look forward to all year. This year it will likely look a little different. Gatherings might be just immediate family members that reside in their home and a video chat with friends and families that can’t be together to share their traditional Thanksgiving meals. Dinners and gatherings may be smaller this Thanksgiving, but the sentiment of the holiday still remains! We can’t lose focus on what we truly have to be thankful for right now. We can still lend support to our families and friends that may be ill, alone or in need. We can make extra food and deliver meals to our families that can’t come into our homes. 

Affinity Home Care Agency wishes everyone a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful that we can assist you in your homes, care from your loved ones and make your lives more comfortable. We are thankful we have such an extended family! If you need us to help your family a bit more during the holiday season, let us know.

Be safe, stay 6’ apart and wear a mask, if you can safely do so.

Welcome to the family!

The Affinity Home Care Agency



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