Are you unsure what to do with your loved one’s medical condition who has medicare? Medicare provides you with the best benefit for you and your loved one in regards to Home Care. Medicare covers Skilled Home Care Services 100%. Medicare allows Skilled health care professionals travel into your home to provide care for you. However, the services is called intermediate skilled care so you must have a medical condition and doctors orders in order to receive home care treatment.

When looking for a skilled home health care service you must make sure they are a Medicare Certified Agency that can provide a wide range of services provided by:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Physical Therapist
  3. Occupational Therapist
  4. Speech Therapist
  5. Home Health Aide
  6. Medical Social Worker

Our Goal

Under Medicare guidelines, we at Affinity Home Care Agency follow all rules as a home care provider should in the State of Michigan. We are family owned and know that our reputation is on the line for our Agency, Staff, Doctors, Hospitals, Rehab Centers, and Senior/Assisted Living Facilities.

We always have a goal to educate and help people during their time of recuperation and recovery. Skilled home care services help provide limited, part-time, or intermittent skilled care to those who are homebound.

What Homebound really means?

A person who is homebound may leave the home for medical and some non-medical reasons. Homebound does not mean the person must be confined to a bed or wheelchair, or even to his house, but rather, that the person requires assistance (human and/or a device) to leave his home, or leaving takes a considerable and taxing effort.

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