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June Client of the Month

By : on : June 4, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on June Client of the Month)

June Client of the Month

This month we have the distinct privilege to get to know Mr. Jim Meade. Jim has been a client of Affinity Home Care since he moved back to the Detroit area and needed home care services to take the burden of daily chores off his mind. He loves having his caregiver, Sue, come by 5 days a week to help with a variety of chores. Sue helps with meal preparation, medication reminders, light house cleaning, groceries and appointments,walking his dog and she even planted flowers for Mr. Meade. She is greatly appreciated for her work and companionship.

Mr. Meade was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Detroit with his parents and 4 siblings. Jim is second in line of the five children. He attended Michigan State University for some time and then packed up his motorcycle and moved west! This is one of his fondest memories. 50 years ago he rolled up a sleeping bag with his clothes and packed what he could carry on the motorcycle. It took 7 days, but the sights he saw and the experiences he had were incredible! What an adventure!! He ended up in the San Francisco area. Jim attended San Francisco State and met a recruiter on campus one day. That was the beginning of Jim’s career in air traffic control. Jim was an air traffic control specialist for 23 years at Oakland International Airport. As you can imagine, he held an exciting job, but also a very stressful job. His service to countless flights full of passengers is very much appreciated. Every time we board a plane, we have people like Jim Meade to thank for safe departures and landings in crowded airspace.

Mr. Meade lived on an island called Alameda Island in San Francisco Bay. He had to take one of four bridges to get off the island and get to work. Jim says the island was a great place to live and truly a unique situation. Jim Meade is single so when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and was going to need some help, dear friends convinced him to move back to the Detroit area. They wanted to be close to him and help when he needed it. That is true friendship! Jim lives within 1 mile of his friends and sees them as often as possible. He lives with his adorable dachshund and chihuahua mix dog (pictured). He is a loyal companion to Jim.

Now that the stay at home order is lifted in Michigan, Jim still needs to be careful, so he isn’t rushing out anywhere just yet. Once he does feel safe to venture out, he looks forward to going to a good restaurant and getting a haircut! Jim sure keeps his sense of humor and shares his good nature with everyone. Congratulations Mr. Meade! You are the Affinity Home Care Agency June Client of the Month! We are so grateful to you, love your active spirit and can-do attitude!

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