Affinity Licensed Nurses

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Affinity Licensed Nurses assess and monitor the patient’s health care needs, educate patients and caregivers and collaborate with attending physicians to promote Continuity of care.

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Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care are words that are associated with kindness. While kindness has a connotation of meaning someone is naive or weak, that is not the case. Being kind often requires courage and strength. Kindness is an interpersonal skill.  

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September Employee of the Month: Diane McDonald

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We are pleased to introduce you to a wonderful nurse at Affinity Home Care Agency. Diane McDonald is our September Employee of the Month. Diane is a nurse who has worked for other home care agencies, but has been with Affinity for 7 ½ years. She says she feels “blessed to be a part of […]

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World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

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World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month There are 35.6 million people in the world diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common form of dementia. It is a fatal disease that does not have a cure, prevention or a way to slow the progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the […]

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Get Your Flu Shot and Other Vaccines

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Get Your Flu Shot and Other Vaccines In honor of August being Immunization Awareness Month and our heightened awareness of how important vaccines are, we have created an immunization event and partnered with CVS Pharmacy.  This September 30, 11am until at least 1pm, we will be at the Richardson Senior Center with CVS Pharmacy providing […]

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Respite Care

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Respite Care Many times a family member is the main caregiver for someone that is elderly or ill.  This is an incredibly valuable resource. It is also a very honorable act of love and appreciation.  Often the family caregiver needs a break to be able to go to work, take care of children, or take […]

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Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion? 

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Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion?  The hot days of summer are still upon us. Often we have high heat indexes well into September when we are getting ready to embrace the cooler days of fall. Sometimes it is a good reminder to think about how dangerous excessive heat can be. Now with all the added […]

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Healthy Aging Awareness Month

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  September was designated as Healthy Aging Awareness Month approximately 25 yrs ago. The push to create this awareness was to promote a healthier lifestyle for people over the age of 50. The focus is on improving our senior populations’ physical, social, mental and financial well-being. This is not just a Baby Boomer gimmick, but […]

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September Client of the Month: Mr. David Brendel

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Every month we celebrate one of the clients of Affinity Home Care Agency. It is not an easy task to select one of the incredibly valuable and interesting clients that have become honorary family members. We always look forward to hearing their stories and learning about their lives.   This month we have the distinct […]

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What is Vascular Dementia

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  Dementia is not a specific disease, but it is a condition. Dementia is an “umbrella term” meaning a lot of symptoms and diseases fall under it.   For this video, I’d like to discuss vascular dementia.    Generally, people suffering from vascular dementia have the typical problems associated with dementia like problems with reasoning, […]

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