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Guardian Medical Monitoring

By : on : November 19, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Guardian Medical Monitoring)

Do you worry about a loved one that lives alone or far away from you? Well, Affinity is here to help. Affinity has partnered with Guardian Medical Monitoring to provide, PERS, a mobile unit that will help give our clients and their families some peace of mind. 

The monitoring unit we offer with Guardian Medical Monitoring is equipped with two-way hands-free communication virtually anywhere via cellular networks. The device connects directly to our central monitoring center for assistance whenever and wherever needed with the push of a button or auto fall detection, allowing us to assist our clients faster and help keep family members at ease. The unit is even water-resistant!

This monitoring device is used for clients who spend time alone or even away from home and have no other means of calling for help. We don’t want our family members to be left unable to call for help if it is ever needed and we don’t want that for your family member either.

Thanks to our partnership with Guardian Medical Monitoring there is a one-time activation fee of ONLY $40! Let us help you keep yourself or your loved ones safe. Call us for details on monthly monitoring plans and get your first month FREE. Keep your loved ones protected. Learn more by scheduling a home consultation today!



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