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Employee of the Year!

By : on : January 5, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Employee of the Year!)

In December at the Affinity Home Care Agency holiday party we celebrated our entire staff and announced our Employee of the Year, Michael Heflin. We are so lucky to have Michael Heflin as a caregiver with Affinity Home Care Agency. As you may know, male caregivers are highly sought after in this business.  Often men prefer to have a male companion and caregiver. Michael is married and loves cats. This devotion translates to his job on a daily basis.  

Michael has been part of the Affinity Family since October of 2018. He has been a long term caregiver for one specific family for over a year. His daily activities include taking his client out on every outing possible because the client likes to be active, even though he is a quadrupalegic. Michael assists with personal hygiene care, range of motion exercises and more.  He is dedicated to the people he serves. He has spent many overnights in hospitals to be by his client’s side. Michael also helps out any caregiver that needs a day off by picking up extra shifts and he is always willing to help new clients.

We are so thankful to have Michael Heflin in the Affinity Family. He is a wonderful man that cares so much for his clients.  Thank you, Michael! This is why you have been named Affinity Home Care Agency 2019 Employee of the Year!



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