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Employee of the Month!

By : on : March 26, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Employee of the Month!)

This month we spotlight the Affinity Home Care Agency Director of Nursing, Jenna Szafran, as our Employee of the Month.  Jenna makes sure our patients are well cared for every day, but especially now when staying healthy and safe is of the utmost concern.

Jenna has been a nurse for 13 years.  She started out as a surgical nurse for many years. During that time, she added a part-time stint as a home care nurse. She quickly became the Director of Nursing at the home health care agency where she was working part-time. Jenna has a wide range of experience. She has been a medical-surgical nurse, home health care nurse, director of nursing, nurse manager for rehabilitation centers and also currently owns an assisted living home. Jenna’s experience, expertise, and compassion is exactly why we are thrilled to have her as the Director of Nursing at Affinity Home Care Agency.

Working as a home care nurse is where Jenna fell in love with home health care.  When asked why she loves home health care Jenna says, “home health care is one of the most personal parts of care that we offer as a nation. My passion is elderly care and ensuring they have what they need to maintain their independence as long as possible.”  Jenna asks team members every day what Affinity can do to make this happen. She has an incredible ability to care for others on many critical levels.

 Jenna joined Affinity as the Director of Nursing in September of 2015 and says that’s where she found her home. This is a family at Affinity and Jenna feels it.  She shares that with every patient, nurse, therapist, etc. Affinity is the extended family to each client because of Jenna’s direction. She wears many hats in her role at Affinity.  These often include customer service, administrative duties for documentation, assisting in insurance approvals, direct communication with insurance agencies, direct management of field staff and direct management of each patient path with Affinity Home Care. While we know Jenna excels in each aspect of her busy position, Jenna finds her strength in customer service. She believes that customer service is the key building block to a great home care agency, both as a place to work and as a client. She treats every situation as an urgent matter and always strives to go above and beyond for our patients.

 I asked Jenna if there was anything she wanted to share considering our current critical community health crisis.  She acknowledges that this is a time of concern in our country due to COVID 19, but she urges us all to follow the advice the government is giving us to safeguard yourself and to continue to follow the recommendations as they may change. Jenna has worked hard over the last few weeks and wants to let everyone know that as a home care agency, Affinity is taking precautions to safeguard our patients with the utmost importance. We have initiated the Affinity Home Care Emergency Plan. This is constantly reviewed to ensure we are creating the safest environment for our home health care clients and staff. 

We thank Jenna for the skill, compassion, care and mindfulness she brings to Affinity every day.  We are a better and more efficient home care agency because of people like Jenna! Thank you, Jenna and congratulations on being the Affinity Home Care Agency Employee of the Month for March!



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