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Employee of the Month: November 2020

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November Employee of the Month: Carol Croll

This month we  highlight the Affinity Home Care Agency’s November Employee of the month, Carol Croll. Carol has been one of Affinity’s physical therapists for 6 ½ years. She originally wanted to follow her grandmother’s lead and become a nurse. However as a former softball and basketball player, she discovered the opportunities in physical therapy and how it relates to work and injury rehabilitation. In 1985 she decided to volunteer at Huron Valley Hospital physical therapy department and was hired within the week. She has worked in PT and/or athletic training ever since.

Carol loves having the opportunity to meet and help a wide variety of people through her career as a physical therapist. Helping her clients recover from injury, or regaining strength and mobility, creates the fullness of each day for Carol. Some of the challenges she faces day to day on the job is educating her patients on the fact that the goal for everyone is different.  It might mean that they need to learn to use an assistive device to keep them safe and mobile. Some of the hardest cases are when patients are pushed too hard by family and Carol needs to explain that this may not be the time to push. Being able to help people makes her thrilled she chose this path 26 years later!

Carol loves the collaboration and teamwork with the rest of her Affinity Home Care Agency peers. She has benefited from their conversations and the opportunity to observe them at work. She acknowledges so many go above and beyond their work duties everyday to help each other. They share the ultimate goal of making their clients’ lives better. She loves being a part of such a talented and loving team.

Carol has a very busy and full life outside of her career as a physical therapist. She recently remarried a wonderful man and combined they have 5 amazing kids. They have a wide range in age from “grown and flown” with a wedding planned next year, a recent college graduate working in sales, a college sophomore who is also working in his church, a high school sophomore and a 5th grader! Keeping busy with an active family has built in fun and challenges; especially with covid! To add to the mix, they are a furry fun dog family!! Carol keeps everything fun by taking a lot of pictures and making yearly photo books. She loves watching sporting events, gardening, boating and fishing and sharing a family bonfire while watching the dogs play in their large new yard. When it is safe, Carol looks forward to going back to cruises and traveling to visit family in Chicago and Ohio. Carol loves to go to church, spend their Sundays watching football and making a family meal. She misses large family gatherings.

Thank you Carol for sharing your life and talents with the extended Affinity Home Care Agency family! Congratulations on being chosen as our November Employee of the Month!

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