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Healthy Aging Awareness Month

By : on : November 6, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Healthy Aging Awareness Month)

Healthy Aging Awareness Month

September was designated as Healthy Aging Awareness Month approximately 25 yrs ago. The push to create this awareness was to promote a healthier lifestyle for people over the age of 50. The focus is on improving our senior populations’ physical, social, mental and financial well-being. This is not just a Baby Boomer gimmick, but actually a shift in focus to helping one of our largest population subsets to be positive and active in their lifestyles.

We know that a healthy lifestyle helps us from eating and exercising to keep our bodies in shape to mental clarity and our drive to be involved in all aspects of life including our communities. September seems to be a great time to redshift our focus on health and well-being to enjoy fall and prepare for the winter months when seniors either go south to avoid the cold, or maybe even avoid hibernating in the colder months.

Tips For Healthy Aging Awareness Month

  1. Do not act your age. Isn’t age just a number? Positive thinking and acting how you feel (or want to feel) can go a long way to creating a better self-image.
  2. Stay positive in conversations and actions. If the news makes you negative or anxious, take a break. Stop yourself if you find yourself complaining.
  3. Surround yourself with people that support your positive outlook.  It is easier to stay positive (and happier!) if you’re enjoying the things you do with positive, happy and energetic friends.
  4. Walk with purpose and stand up straight. This will increase your confidence and it also helps you look and feel better. Try it!
  5. Check your smile. Make sure you take care of your dental health. It can keep the rest of your health in good shape, too! It’s actually a proven fact that people who smile more are typically happier.
  6. Be social. Don’t just keep in touch with your long time friends, but make some new friends!
  7. Stay active and keep moving. The more active you are and the more exercise you get can improve everything from your overall health, to your mental health and mood, to your brain health as you age.
  8. Get a physical/check up. Stay up to date on your vaccines, regular check ups and annual exams.
  9. Find balance. Yoga is a great exercise to try to improve balance, flexibility and it can give you the added bonus of reducing your stress and anxiety.
  10. Sleep well. Sleep is vital to repairing our cells, our body and resetting our mind. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s to healthy aging! It’s always a good idea to try a few new tips and see what works for you. We always suggest checking with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine or new diet.

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