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October Client of the Month: James Gano

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This month we introduce you to James Gano. He has been a patient of Affinity Home Care Agency using the nursing and physical therapy services. Jim suffers from congestive heart failure and type 2 diabetes. He is progressing very well and will actually be released from home care in October. He is one of the many success stories that we love to share.

Jim was born and raised in a farming community of southwest Ohio in Clinton County, west of Cincinnati. He went to Eastern Kentucky University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and his first masters degree in History. Jim went on to earn a second masters degree in Education while he was overseas in the Army. 2 masters degrees wasn’t enough and Jim eventually earned his PhD in Higher Education Administration. Jim served 22 years in the Army and had incredible experiences serving as a Counterintelligence Specialist and also teaching. He spent 3 years in Korea prior to teaching at the University of Akron where he met his wife, Pam. Pam’s brother was one of Jim’s students.

Pam and Jim were married in 1978 and lived at Fort Meade in Maryland. They eventually moved to Germany for more than 4 ½ years.  They loved their time there. By now the Gano family had grown to welcome 4 children, including twin boys. That had to be a very busy time! They shared a funny story about when their daughter was only about 9 months old and they were enjoying Oktoberfest with the commanding officer. The Colonel wanted to hold the baby and they warned him not to let her grab for his beer stein. As you can imagine, she quickly pulled the large (and full!) beer stein over and spilled beer all over the commanding officer! The days in Germany were some of the most enjoyable and Jim says it was his favorite place to live; not just for Oktoberfest! Pam shared that in the first 20 years of marriage they moved 11 times! Wow! They moved from Maryland to Germany, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Virginia. In the second 20 years of marriage, they moved once; to Michigan. As a civilian post Army, Jim worked with military contract work for various firms. 

Pam and Jim are fortunate to have 2 sons and a daughter close by them here. Their other son is in the FBI, so he is near Washington, D.C.  Education and military service run deep in their family. Thank you Jim and Pam for your service and supportive service. Thank you to your family for their service both in the military and in education of our future leaders. Jim and Pam are proud grandparents of 5 grandchildren. That must keep them very busy! When asked about a favorite memory or favorite time of his life, Jim says that teaching students and meeting Pam was the best time of his life. It set the course for what was to come. 

Having the opportunity to meet Jim Gano and learn a bit about his life has been a great pleasure. To be able to send skilled and caring nurses along with therapists to his home so Jim can continue to live his life fully, is why Affinity Home Care Agency does what we do. The home care industry is about serving people and helping them live fully. We love assisting others that have done so much for so many; just like Jim has done his whole life. Thank you Jim for giving Affinity the opportunity to help you. Congratulations on being named our Client of the Month for October. We wish you continued health! We are so pleased you have made such improvements with our services.

October. We wish you continued health! We are so pleased you have made such improvements with our services.

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