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Paid Book Bonus!

By : on : September 24, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Paid Book Bonus!)

The covid-19 crisis is still with us.  As the seasons change we seem to be familiar with the “new normal”, but we also realize winter isn’t far off in Michigan. Affinity Home Care Agency has seen an increase for the need of home care professionals and we anticipate an even larger increase in the months to come.

Affinity Home Care Agency is hiring and we are proud of our high retention rate for our professionals. Therefore, we are offering a variety of signing bonuses for home care professionals. We don’t just hire anyone; we hire the BEST!

Our Student Book Bonus is a great benefit for those experienced caregivers that are actively working and going to school to further their education. This bonus will pay for your books next semester! If you become an Affinity Home Care Agency caregiver for one year AND you are going to school to further your education or complete a degree, Affinity Home Care Agency will pay for your books next semester! We know books are expensive and sometimes an added burden for students. Affinity wants to reward your dedication to caring for your clients while studying to further your careers.

For many families, being able to get crucial care right in their own home offers both peace of mind and safety during uncertain times. We have a unique opportunity to expand our team and our ability to help more people. 

You can apply for a caregiver position online on our website, www.affinityhomecareagency.com, our social media platforms, or call our office at 888-806-8773. 

Welcome to the family!

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