August: Immunization Awareness Month

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Even through a pandemic the summer months are flying past us! The month of August is Immunization Awareness Month. It seems we are ironically eagerly waiting on news of a vaccine for covid-19. We are acutely aware of everyone’s choice to vaccinate themselves and their children. Many diseases have basically been eradicated due to vaccines. However, many people are wary of immunizing themselves or their children.

The idea of a new vaccine for covid-19 is exciting for some people. We see all the news about how the nation, and the world, are being impacted by this new virus. Various vaccines are in late stages of trials. This is promising news!

This brings up familiar conversations about immunizations. There are many immunizations that are commonly recommended. The flu shot seems to be a popular and highly recommended vaccine. Many seniors receive the shingles and pneumonia vaccines. Tetanus boosters need to be updated to keep us all safe in case we get hurt with a rusty nail, or similar. Other vaccines are done when we are children, but we usually don’t need to repeat them.

As always, please speak with your doctor about what vaccines are best for you and if you are up to date on all your shots.

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