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The New Normal

By : on : July 18, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on The New Normal)

The NEW “New Normal”

By now we are getting pretty used to readjusting and learning to do things a different way, for at least a little while. We run back into the house if we didn’t leave a mask in the car. We have hand sanitizer in every car and in our bags. We may even have extra gloves and masks stashed away for easy access when we go shopping. At the very least, we know that we will be denied entry to stores if we don’t have a mask now, so keep those in your bag, your car and on the counter as you leave the house.

Doctor appointments and procedures are a whole new ball game yet again. In the beginning of the first phase of opening for appointments and routine procedures we couldn’t bring anyone with us as a companion.  Then one caregiver was allowed. Now it seems things are changing again. Who can keep it straight? 

The best way to make the most of your appointments now is to call the day before your appointment. Ask what their current procedures are. 

  • Do you need to arrive early to be sure all protocols are followed prior to your appointment time?
  • Should you call from the parking lot and wait in the car until they allow you access to the office?
  • Can you bring a companion to assist you and ask questions or take notes?
  • Is this a necessary appointment that should not be postponed? 
  • If this appointment can be postponed, for how long?

The “new normal” keeps changing, but we will adapt and adjust, yet again. The best advice is to allow extra time, bring a mask and try to remember to have patience as we figure this all out together. Keeping our sense of humor and respecting each other will go a long way to making these transitions easier.

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