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July Client of the Month

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July Client of the Month: Ruth Backhaus

This month we introduce you to Ruth Backhaus as our Affinity Home Care Client of the Month for July. Any conversation with Ruth is a true pleasure! You learn right away she has a gifted spirit and loves living to the fullest! 

Ms Backhaus was born in Morris, Minnesota and grew up near Minneapolis. She spent 3 years at Mankato State, a teacher’s college. She taught during the school year and finished her 4th year during the summer. Ruth taught first, second, third and fifth grades for 36 years. What is even more incredible is that she moved around and taught in Minnesota, Montana, California and Michigan. She moved on her own to learn what people did, where they worked and how they lived around the country. By the time she moved to Michigan teaching jobs became harder to find and she had “acquired too much stuff to pack up the station wagon to move again”, so she has stayed here in Michigan where she worked in the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.  When asked what state or region of the country she enjoyed the most, Ms Backhaus says, “all the places I have lived are so different. I love each one for their differences and unique nuances.”

Ms Backhaus never married and lives very happily with her 2 dogs and 2 cats. Ms Backhaus is a delightful woman with a wonderful disposition. She says that throughout her various living communities and work environments she has encountered many great people. She is sensitive to the teacher/parent/student relationships she has had.  She knows that many parents have to hear difficult things from teachers. Having this sensitivity, I’m sure she helped many students grow and succeed through her teacher career.

Ms Backhaus found Affinity Home Care when she suffered sudden vision loss.  She has low vision where she can only see greys and black. She has learned to function within her home and thankfully has been able to keep her dogs and cats. Ruth never led our conversation around her challenges. She doesn’t focus on it, just like she barely mentioned that she is not only a breast cancer survivor, but also a colon cancer survivor! She is a woman that chooses to thrive in any situation. Affinity helps Ruth with groceries, writing out checks and figuring out how to live a little more comfortably at home with her new condition. She has kept her sense of humor and looks for the silver lining in everything.  I know my day is better having had the opportunity to speak with Ruth Backhaus!  What a pleasure it is to honor Ruth as the Affinity Home Care Agency client of the month. Congratulations, Ruth!

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