What is Home Care?

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What is Home Care?

In the age of covid-19, we have seen an increase in requests for home care. The reality of home care is that we offer just that, the care you need, in your own home. Home care provides peace of mind not just for the person allowed to live safely and comfortably in their own home. Their families are put at ease knowing their loved ones receive the care they need as they need it, in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Home care continually improves the health, safety and emotional wellbeing of the families they serve by creating constant contact and communication between the family and medical providers. The burden of the public health system is eased when families utilize home care because our focus is to keep hospital re-admittance at a minimum. This is due to our constant attention to individual needs and assessing changes in symptoms of many chronic illnesses. The relief and comfort families feel knowing that their loved ones are cared for consistently helps everyone live more peacefully.

We all know that the American aging population is changing. The Home Care Association of America and the Global Coalition on Aging estimate that 40% of people 65+ will need daily assistance. They also estimate that 70% of those 65+ will need some type of help at some point. Of this group, 9 out of 10 say they prefer to stay home. So what are the options available to help? Affinity Home Care Agency works everyday to answer that question on an individual and very personal basis.

To provide the best possible care in your home setting, Affinity hires an amazing workforce that comprises a large facet of the healthcare industry. We partner with your personal doctors to bring the care you need into your own home whenever possible. Affinity has a group of skilled care nurses, therapists and a medical social worker to facilitate your home care whether it is for a recovery from surgery, medical issue or chronic illness. We also have our group of trained caregivers that are available to care for your personal needs and concerns. These incredibly compassionate people offer flexibility and relief for those families that serve as primary caregivers for their loved ones. There are two types of home care that Affinity can provide; skilled care and private duty. Often skilled care is covered by insurance and private duty is typically private pay.

The home care industry as a whole compliments existing healthcare services. We don’t replace your doctor, we help enhance your life and wellbeing. Home care can be intermittent care or long term care in your home. Often home care reduces the strain on traditional care systems. This is what we have seen lately during the pandemic of covid-19. We allow each system to do what they do best. As a leader in the home care industry, Affinity knows we keep family members living safely and comfortably at home. It makes everyone in the family feel happier and more at ease. It is our goal to help you reach your goal of living independently, both safely and comfortably, at home. Call us today to see how we can give you the same peace of mind and support. We are currently scheduling assessments. We can be reached 1-888-806-8773, or by email, info@affinityhomecareagency.com. Welcome to the family!


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