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New Year, New You? Resolutions for 2020

By : on : January 2, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on New Year, New You? Resolutions for 2020)

One of the reasons we love to celebrate the start of a new year is because of the opportunities that are in front of us and completely within reach. Maybe in school, the start of a new term was invigorating because of the prospect of learning new subjects or achieving all As. As adults, we set goals that we wished we had achieved the year prior or realize that some things may be passing us by as time rushes forward.  We have all heard the typical resolutions of losing weight, getting into shape, changing jobs, finishing a degree… the lists are endless and lofty. We thought it would be fun to share some of the resolutions we have heard bantered around with friends, the internet or maybe even our office. These are just ideas to get you thinking about your own list.

Experts say that you should set aside time to really reflect on your resolutions.  Be realistic! Don’t try to do everything on January 1. Set 1-3 resolutions or goals and create a plan with checkpoints on how or when you can measure your progress.  Be conscientious about how you will achieve your goals and work on it every day. Allow yourself to revisit, revamp and reassess your resolutions. As time goes on, maybe they are less important or the goal doesn’t fit anymore. Change it. After all, isn’t that what growth is all about anyway? Isn’t this a time for growth? Above all, make choices to enjoy your life every day and have fun along the way! We wish you a happy and healthy new year!



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