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Gift Ideas For Seniors

By : on : December 17, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Gift Ideas For Seniors)

Sometimes as the holidays get closer we struggle to find gifts that our parents and older loved ones would truly enjoy or benefit from receiving. We want to do something thoughtful or meaningful, but typically our older loved ones don’t “need” anything. Affinity receives many calls and requests on this issue. We thought it would be helpful if we compiled a list and passed it along to you. We consulted Lori, our assistive device specialist, for products she suggests and brainstormed some other ideas. We hope these suggestions help you jumpstart your shopping! If you have any questions, call us, 248-363-8430.

1.) Canes- fancy or plain, colorful options, wood, etc.
2.) A spike snow/ice tip for the cane
3.) Non-skid slipper socks
4.) Rollators (4 wheeled walkers with a basket/seat and brakes) come in a variety of colors and options. Lori typically suggests the larger wheels
5.) Magnifying glass, large button universal remote and medical-grade hand cream
6.) Arrange for snow and ice to be removed from their driveway and walkways. Maybe the mail can be brought in so they don’t need to go out on really cold days
7.) Medical monitoring service, like the PERS unit Affinity uses with Guardian Medical Monitoring
8.) Make a schedule/gift of services to be sure meals are planned, prepared or delivered. Another idea is to take your family member out to eat or bring in a meal to share once a week for the winter months.
9.) Have someone install grab bars in bathrooms and add nightlights in bathrooms and hallways.
10.) Scarf, hat and gloves to stay warm when going outside



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