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Fall Prevention Assessment

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Did you know that Affinity offers a fall prevention assessment? We make an appointment to evaluate you, or your loved one, in your home and make suggestions to help keep you safe.  Here’s a checklist to see if you, or your loved one, could benefit from the Affinity fall prevention assessment. As always, call us with any questions you may have,.

  1. Are you 65 or older?
  2. Have you fallen within the last year, or are you afraid you will fall?
  3. Do you suffer from dizzy spells or get light headed often? Do you get dehydrated?
  4. Do you have neuropathy, a condition that causes reduced sensation in your feet and legs?
  5. Do you have muscle weakness? Are you in pain when you move? Do you have arthritis?
  6. Do you feel unsteady on your feet? Do you lean on walls or chairs as you walk or stand?
  7. When walking short distances, do you need to stop for a rest?
  8. Do you use a cane or a walker?
  9. Are you on more than 3 medications? Some medications increase the risk of falls and dehydration.
  10. Do you have any conditions such as inner ear problems, vertigo, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s, COPD or Alzheimer’s?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, call Affinity to schedule your free in-home fall prevention assessment,1-888-806-8773.



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