November Employee Of The Month

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This month we want to spotlight our amazing caregiver, Ericka Cloud as the Affinity Employee of the Month.  Ericka has been a trusted and sought after caregiver for Affinity clients for more than a year and a half. Growing up, Ericka watched her mother work as a nurse everyday.  Often Ericka went to work with her mom where she learned compassion and genuine care for others. She learned early that elders in the community are “the most knowledgeable, down to earth and funny people.”  When asked why she loves her role as a caregiver, Ericka says she loves building relationships and bonds with clients. “I feel great knowing that I help my clients grow and progress everyday.”   

On a typical work day Ericka is responsible for helping her clients walk, exercise and stretch.  All of this is working toward the client goal of regained strength and helping them relax. It may be surprising to note that often caregivers have to deal with a variety of issues beyond the obvious physical responsibilities. However, often a caregiver has to help a client when they become frustrated or angry at their situation. Ericka skillfully handles these situations with patience by helping her client relax. Ericka feels deeply for her clients. Their challenges become her challenges and she works to help them have a wonderful day when she is there.

Ericka says being a highly valued team member with Affinity has taken away her worries. She loves having “a home spirited job.” On her days off she enjoys staying home to clean her house and watch shows or movies. I bet you can find her making her favorite hot wings while catching up on her shows!

Affinity is incredibly thankful for Ericka Cloud!  The heart and soul that she puts into clients’ care is exactly why we chose Ericka as our Affinity Employee of the Month! Congratulations, Ericka! We couldn’t be the company we are without people like you!




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