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How Having a Caregiver Promotes Good Mental Health

By : on : August 17, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on How Having a Caregiver Promotes Good Mental Health)

At Affinity our Client’s health is the most important thing to us and that includes mental health. One thing we pride ourselves on is how our Caregivers have been able to help their Client’s Mental Health. A caregiver and client relationship is one of companionship. The caregivers know what’s going on in their client’s life and besides caregiving, they also have the role of support. This is more than just helping with medical issues, food, cleaning, transportation and more… it’s also sitting down and playing cards or board games together, painting each other’s nails or styling their hair… even maintaining a safe environment inside and outsides a client’s home.

Our caregivers also encourage their clients to participate in positive activities such as gardening, knitting and more. The client and caregiver a lot of times go out together for certain activities too! Some go to the movies, the store, and other places and that helps build a relationship and some great memories between the clients and their caregivers. Most of all, this promotes good mental health to the clients. It’s believed that a good companionship between the caregiver and client helps form and promote good mental health because they know they’re not alone.Private In Home Health Care



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