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10 Reason's To Talk With Us



1) Organized

All of Affinity's staff are put on laptops. Our Intake Coordinators submit every order into our computer system. Our Director of Nurse oversees all nursing and therapy visits, regulates Medicare guidelines, answer all clinical questions and reads all orders. Every case is well thought out to give you the Best Patient Care.

2) Compassionate

If you don't have compassion in what you do in life then you better STOP now. We at Affinity hire staff truly care and welcome you to our family. Each member of Affinity wants to help people and are very experienced home health care professionals.

3) Dignity

The Affinity Family is highly respected in the community and has been in Commerce Township for over 50 years. We take pride to represent our community doctors, lawyers, families, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings and rehab centers.

4) Respect

No matter what health condition or financial status you are in, WE RESPECT YOU and guide you and your family in the right direction.

5) Family Oriented

Family is so important to us at Affinity. We always stick together and want the best for your family and our community.

6) Ethical

Affinity is Medicare Certified and has the highest accreditation by The Joint Commission. Every staff member of Affinity is trained and follows MEDICARE GUIDELINES.

7) Caring

We will come visit you at the hospital, rehab, nursing facility and in the comfort of your home. Have your doctor or discharge planner contact us.

8) Motivating

We want to be known as one of the leading home care agencies in Michigan. Our team of marketers work hard everyday to spread the word about Affinity. You can find us Online,  Comcast, Newsletters, Senior Care Presentations and Sponsored Events.

9) Available

You can contact us ANYTIME at Phone: (248) 363-8650. Monday-Sunday we pick up our phones. Our On Call Nurse is available after 5PM everyday. No matter what, someone is able to answer your questions. You can message us online and we will respond the same day.

10) Safe

Every staff member at Affinity are background checked and fingered printed. We know how important it is to feel safe at home. Our staff members are clean cut and are there for you if you need anything. We provide training and education opportunities to all members at Affinity.