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What is a Visiting Doctor?

A visiting doctor is a board certified physician who can travel to your home and provide a thorough examination as if you were in his office. A visiting doctor will help plan for treatments that are consistent with my patients’ needs, concerns, and goals of care. And I work with other specialists to help coordinate the medical care my patients receive at home.

Why Do I need a Visiting Doctor?

Home visits have always been an important tool of the traditional family doctor, a doctor who cares for the patient in the context of their family and their community. For the very ill, home visits by a physician make it easier to remain near loved ones and to stay as well and as comfortable as possible.

How Can a Visiting Doctor help me?

Visiting doctors are here to help those confronting serious illness improve the quality of their lives.  Your doctor will sit with the families to examine their goals of care, and identify the medical interventions that are consistent with their values and desires.

Can your Doctor Order Home Care Services?

Yes, visiting doctors can prescribe Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Home Health Aides, and Medical Social Workers to prevent and alleviate suffering. I provide guidance to patients and their families as they confront difficult medical decisions.


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