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Currently hiring: (Interviews are hosted every Thursday at Affinity)

  • Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Caregivers
  • Private Care Assistants
  • Registered Nurses

Are you a compassionate, caring and dedicated person who has the special gift of providing top notch care? Are you wondering what you can do for Affinity Home Care Agency & Affinity Private Care? The following is some basic information to introduce you to some of the positions commonly available. Affinity Home Care Agency & Affinity Private Care is always accepting applications for these positions.

In-home care workers may go to the same client's home for Days, months or even years. However, most employees work with a number of different clients, each job lasting a few hours, days, or weeks and often visit multiple clients on the same day.

In-home care workers generally work alone with periodic visits from their supervisor. They receive detailed instructions explaining when to visit clients and what services to perform. Employees are individually responsible for getting to clients' homes, and may spend a good portion of the working day traveling from one client to another.

Home Health Aide

Basic job duties include providing light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care and errands. Aides sometimes are responsible for taking a client's temperature, pulse rate, or blood pressure. They also may help provide care to clients by helping them get into and out of bed and walk.

Work as an aide can be physically demanding. Aides spend many hours standing and walking, and they often face heavy workloads. Aides must guard against back injury because they may have to move clients into and out of bed or help them to stand or walk. Aides also perform tasks that some may consider unpleasant, such as emptying bedpans and changing soiled bed linens. The clients they care for may be disoriented, irritable or uncooperative.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA or CENA)

Certified Nursing Assistants are basically home health aides that have attended special training classes, have taken a state test and have received a certification. Being a CENA allows the worker to care for clients who require high-tech, extensive care and are typically paid at a slightly higher rate.

Some agencies require their employees to be certified. Most private duty agencies are able to hire both uncertified and certified home health aides. The job duties for a CENA are the same as a home health aide.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

In-home nursing visits consist mainly of one hour medication setups and foot care. Other job duties can include blood draws, wound care, diabetic training and general health assessments. Although hourly shift work exists in home care, it doesn't come by often. One hour visits are typically the norm.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Job duties for RN's are nearly endless. Including the duties listed for LPN's, RN's are able to do nursing assessments. These assessments take place in either the home or a facility and are used to determine whether a client qualifies for long term care insurance. RN's are also able to assist the offices with plans of treatment if needed.


Affinity Home Care Agency, Inc. also employs the following, for per diem work.

  • Physical Therapists/Assistants (PT/PTA)
  • Occupational Therapists/Assistants (OT/OTA)
  • Speech Therapists (ST)
  • Social Workers/Counselors

Finally, Affinity Home Care Agency, Inc. & Affinity Private Care is always looking for special people who have the desire to provide the highest quality care possible. We are looking for compassionate, caring individuals who will provide the care they would want provided for their loved ones. We want employees who will take our mission and make it their personal goal:



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