Companion Care

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  1. Offer elderly companionship and conversation
  2. Provide respite care
  3. Monitor diet and eating
  4. Check food expirations
  5. Assist with evening and tuck-in
  6. Stimulate mental awareness
  7. Assist with entertaining
  8. Answer the door
  9. Reminisce about the past
  10. Assist with clothing selection
  11. Care for houseplants
  12. Provide reminders for appointments
  13. Discuss current and historical events
  14. Participate in crafts
  15. Play games and cards
  16. Supervise home maintenance
  17. Record and arrange recipes
  18. Oversee home deliveries
  19. Prepare grocery lists
  20. Clip coupons for shopping
  21. Monitor TV usage
  22. Mail bills and letters
  23. Buy magazines, papers and books
  24. Rent and play movies
  25. Plan visits, outings and trips
  26. Visit neighbors and friends
  27. Read religious materials
  28. Maintain calendar
  29. Maintain family scrapbook
  30. Record family history
  • *If any of the above apply to you or your loved ones, we can provide the assistance you to need to get back on your feet.

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