Affinity Home Care Goals

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Our Goals Include:

  • Assisting and facilitating the patient's transition from a hospital or other health care facility into their own home.
  • To assist a patient in returning to (goal level health).
  • To help the family better meet the needs of the patient through counseling, teaching, and coordinating of community services.
  • To work with the hospital and medical staff in the development of home care services which meet the needs of the patient.
  • To maintain patient function appropriate to individual capabilities, lifestyle, and stage of life.
  • To administer quality health care services for patients in the home when caregivers are unable or unavailable to provide those services.
  • To provide patient and family instruction in the fundamental of health, hygiene and safety as well as the prevention, control and treatment of disease.




PHONE: 248-363-8650              FAX: 248-363-8652