Welcome to our Family

Dear Patient,

Our family is just like your own family, wanting you to get well as comfortably and quickly as possible. Together with your doctor, we make your recovery our #1 goal! We hope you are completely satisfied with the care you receive. If for some reason that is not the case, please let us know the problem immediately.

The "Affinity Family" has been in the home health care industry since 2005. We have the highest home care accreditation by the approval of the Joint Commission. We take pride in providing such a rewarding service in our community that we have been part of for over 50 years. Our office is located in Commerce Township, Michigan.

Our family believes the success of Affinity is determined by our reputation in the community and the amount of happy and satisfied patients/clients we help everyday. We work very hard to provide only the highest level of customer and quality care in the following service areas:


The Affinity Home Care Family